Spring and Summer 2018



A five week long comedy performance and writing workshop, designed to enhance your performance and generate new material. Fine tune and generate new content with other working comedians in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

(UPDATE: Full up, I'm afraid! I'll organise another one very soon - hopefully in the next few weeks.)




A five week long comedy writing workshop

‘There is no such thing as a bad joke, just an underdeveloped joke’

Over the past few years I've had the good fortune to run writing workshops around Europe which show professional and semi-professional writers and performers how to unlock humour from pretty much any given situation. They have proven productive for individuals and also a lot of fun, but it's been hard to find time in my schedule to organise one in London, where I do most of my other workshops. 

Until now.  

How would you like to spend five weekend afternoons being creative in a warm friendly environment, while we wait for Spring to arrive?

Participants will be encouraged to use the techniques they learn in any medium they choose: stand up, sketch writing, sit com scenes, character monologue, even comic book writing, if they wish. 

The five four hour workshops will cover the basics of comic grammar , including afterthought, attitude,parody, juxtaposition, misunderstanding for comic effect, saying one thing but revealing another and – perhaps most importantly – how to mine one subject for many different comic  ideas. 

Along the way, we will look at various theories of comedy and how we can utilise them, including: Darwinian theory, Henri Bergson’s ideas, Freudian Joke models and Koestler’s theory of creativity.

Through writing games and homework, with group feedback and tutor led suggestions, you will learn how best to hone up your writing skills and how to polish up a script. 

By the end of the workshops, you will have a method for crafting comedy in most formats and a clear understanding on how to make a good idea better.

You will also laugh loads. 

Places are extremely limited and tend to sell out quickly. Contact me for more details.



Comedy Workshops at the Wellington College Arts Festival, Shanghai.



A Weekend Comedy Workshop in collaboration with Uncanny Theatre, Leeds.

Designed for performers, gifted amateurs and show-offs, this weekend is designed to put you in touch with your unique comic voice and to kickstart your creative process.

More details to follow!

Dates: 4th, 5th and 6th of May

Price: £150




Discover how our brains are hardwired for humour and how easy it is to access the comic part of your brain.

What could be more energising and empowering than spending a week  in gorgeous surroundings being creative, developing your comedy technique, uncovering your unique comic voice and- most importantly - making other people laugh like drains?

Together, the group will explore different forms of humour writing and technique to help ignite your inner comic genius, formulate new ideas and to execute these ideas in novel and dynamic ways.

Through practical exercises, your comic voices will soon be flowing freely in a supportive workshop environment. Not only will you learn some tricks of the trade, you will also gain a greater awareness of the multitude of differing comic styles that the group manifest.

These comedy skills aren’t only for the professional comedian or the aspiring script writer; they are also a fantastic way to think outside of the box, hone your communication skills and increase your confidence in everyday life.

More details and information on how to book for this event will be appear here shortly!





Comedy, like any other art, is a craft. There are tips and techniques to be learnt. Simply put, if you can understand comedy grammar then unlocking the funny ideas becomes easier. From finding your creative inspiration to learning the building blocks of humour, this workshop will help you discover your unique comic voice.

Although a writing course, there would be some non-writing exercises designed to encourage the participant’s creativity. There would also be writing games with group feedback and tutor led suggestions to help you hone your comedy writing skills. By the end of the course you will know how to write comedy and will have the confidence to stand up on your own and make a group of total strangers laugh.

More importantly, you will laugh loads over the entire course.

DATES: July 7th to 14th

More details can be found here: https://www.skyros.com/facilitators/logan-murray/

Just to warn you, my past two years at Skyros sold out very quickly, so if it looks like your cup of tea, don't delay in booking!